Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't Drive Looking in the Rear-view Mirror

In many healing modalities, our pasts and childhoods become a source of answers for all the "why" questions that inevitably come up. Why do I feel this way? Why does this hurt? Why do I keep choosing these things? So often we think that the reasons behind our current choices and circumstances are hidden in our past. But focusing exclusively on the past is like driving down the freeway with your eyes glued to the rear-view mirror! The truth is, there is no healing for you in the past. The past is a collection of facts that your powerful mind arranges into stories that are applied to your present behavior. All that is real and tangible from the past is what you carry in your body in the present moment.

Whenever we make a choice that is incongruent with our true nature, and whenever we experience something that our nervous system deems too dangerous or threatening, the body necessarily distorts as the experience or natural flow of energy is disrupted. Your fight-or-flight response kicks in for immediate protection/survival, and your emotional brain or limbic system takes it from there, modulating what you are aware of from then on. The emotional brain literally controls what you are able to perceive by altering the threshold for sensory nerve signals from your body to your cerebral cortex. And as the range of what you are able to perceive narrows, so does the range of what you are able to feel. The information and energy from "out of range" experiences are rerouted to your body and spine, stored for future reference.

NSA entrainments teach the body's nervous system strategies for safety and then for transformation, and what you could not experience in the past becomes available again. Sometimes called retracing, it's important to note that accessing this stored information and energy is not a return to the past for healing. It is your body's current certainty of its capacity to survive those emotions and energy that enables you to connect and transform tension into fuel for change in the present moment. The past experiences that you froze in time and carried in your body through time and space are able to play themselves out Here and Now. You are able to finish what was started because you are now resourceful enough to be present for it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hang on to Your Body!

As anyone who sticks with Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)knows, transformation or Real Change can and does happen. And no matter what, when the time comes for you to choose a new behavior, or when the structures in your spine that have sustained your previous consciousness state shift, there is a moment of plain and simple fear. Of what? Why, the unknown of course! That moment is when change butts up against one of our primary needs as human creatures: certainty. Even if what has been has been painful and awful, it is familiar and thus soothing on some level.

Letting go always requires a connection with something else, something "more certain," if you will. Just like the rock climber ensures she has at least a toe or finger hold secured before reaching for the next ledge, we need to cultivate some degree of confidence in our own capacity to survive and thrive in a changing environment, even if that environment is purely internal, and especially if it is external.

One of the primary tenets of NSA holds that the body is an inherently safe place, but why? Unlike the mind, our bodies are rooted in the present moment. And the present moment is all that really exists. The past and the future, our hopes and fears, these are all creations of our mind, and untethered to our bodies, our minds are capable of traveling thousands of miles and hundreds of weeks forward or back in the blink of an eye. Connecting with our bodies requires a slowing down of our minds, and brings us inexorably into what is, right now, in the present moment.

Focusing on the now, and on the aliveness in our bodies, provides the opportunity to let go of all the stories of possible outcome (and therefore all the fears). And learning to hang on to your body is both a conscious choice as well as an unconscious habit. In order to feel truly safe, our bodies must have the experience, the reassurance, and the habituation of connecting to the present moment and finding ease there. What's perhaps ironic and certainly miraculous is that in connecting with our bodies, with finite reality, we are also able to connect with the infinite, with the Beingness that we truly are.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dr. Teresa's Network Story...

My inspiration to become a Network practitioner was…

… my own experience of the profound effect NSA can have. At the age of 22, I was plagued almost every morning with neck pain so bad I couldn’t turn my head to whatever side had seized up that day. Four months of trying different things to no avail left me feeling frustrated and scared. A friend referred me to her chiropractor, and with that simple gesture, the course of my life was changed. Out of physical pain in two visits, I began to notice my posture, a LOT. I had never paid attention before, and soon I couldn’t help hearing the messages my body was sending me. That communication deepened and the texture and quality of my life became richer and richer. It was through those Network strategies in my body that I came to the decision to embark on this adventure of practicing NSA!

The most rewarding thing about practicing NSA is…

… being able to help people and do some good in our world. Practicing NSA is my way of expressing my true nature—teaching people how to find their own truth, within themselves, and encouraging them to share the unique gifts they possess. I love being able to share the healing perspectives of NSA: how to go to the place of ease, not defense; why tension and stress are meant to be used as fuel, not minimized or avoided; what embodied awakening feels like. It is my way of contributing to the future of our world, and to our legacy to the children.

I have personally benefited from NSA care in the following ways…

… My relationship with my body is now one of trust, high regard, compassion, and love. My capacity to love myself unconditionally is a profound gift from my body. Receiving consistent care helped me to find the courage to quite my 7-year computer career, to move across the country for love, and to live my life with boldness and joy. Not only am I free of chronic pain, my nervous system transforms experiences of sickness and hardship into opportunities for self-revelation. My spine helps me to eat stress for breakfast, and spit it out as personal growth!

The most amazing miracles I have seen in my practice are…

… people who move from suffering and fear of their bodies to embodied peace and ease. When a practice member notices, acknowledges, and connects with the healing rhythms and energy in their body, they sit up with a special kind of groundedness and power in their face—and I know in that moment a confidence is being experienced that far surpasses what any achievement or external success could instill.

I love NSA because…

… it just keeps getting better! Having received Network care these last twelve years, I can say with assurance, that there is no ceiling to the progressive benefits of this work. My capacity for connection and self-actualization only evolves with ongoing care, and every discovery, transformation, and awakening I experience helps me to become MORE myself.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Transformation in an Instant!

It takes time to change. That's what I tell myself sometimes, when I'm chickening out of doing what I know I must. Or when I'm thinking about how I feel rather than feeling it, or sometimes when I'm just not ready yet, I console myself with the notion that change takes months, years, or even lifetimes. It's okay for me to be in the same job, the same dead-end relationship, the same therapy about my childhood. I tell myself I'm making progress, and maybe I am. But the truth is, Real Change--the sustainable, empowering, and lasting kind of transformation, that happens in an instant.

Think about it:
If transformation really took more than a moment, if our minds had any opportunity to spin back-story, analyze angles
, or investigate reasons, it would never happen! That we have, as a species, ever transformed shows us that Real Change is not a process but an event, not a developed narrative but a flash of awakening. Transformation does not come to us via sound plans; it comes only by convicted decisions.

Now, I know your mind is already piping up--there is a physical reality to change. Losing weight and landing the dream job and making a million dollars take time. But these are external realities, which really only change when your internal landscape supports something other than what has been. The most compelling thing about instantaneous transformation is that YOU are different, even if everything else materially remains the same. The way you relate to your surroundings, the choices you make, the point of view you take, these are changed in a moment. And then those external realities must change; that is simply how matter and energy work. When you transform, your being no longer tolerates any external circumstances that don't match, and the universe provides more appropriate accommodations!

This kind of Real Change requires three elements to be congruent with each other, and with the new state of being you seek. Structure, behavior, and perception constitute the Triad of Change, as developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, founder of NSA. More on that in a future post...